Brave Bunnies' Partner


52 x 6 minutes
Digital 2D Animation
Kids 3 to 5 years old
In financing

Created by Olga Cherepanova

You might be different, but we will find a way to play together and be friends!

A family of Brave Bunnies decides to change their established rhythm of bunny life at Carrot Valley and sets off for a big journey to explore the great big world. They are ready to do things they have never done, meet people they never thought existed and feel things they have never felt before. Curious and courageous, they love being on the road together because each stop holds the promise of a new experience and new friendships.

All of us, young and old, are uniquely different, we find common ground only when we open ourselves to each other. With Brave Bunnies, we hope to encourage curiosity and empathy in children so that they embrace, respect and celebrate diversity.

Exploring the world is a BIG adventure for a LITTLE bunny. In each episode, there is a new friend to make and a new game to play!