52 x 6 min or 26 x 12 min
Live action & 2D digital elements
Kids 3 to 5 years old
In development

TV series inspired by ‘Les Gamines’ created by Catherine Gingras.

Since 2012, Catherine Gingras has handcrafted over 5000 rag dolls. The worldwide success of Gamines et cie™ is attributed not only to the quality of the dolls, but also to the fabulous, fun, and fantastic world that Catherine Gingras has created. We want to transpose the joy of childhood as well as children’s endless imagination and bewilderment to the screen.

Brin de Girouette comes from this extraordinarily fantastic universe. Children will come up with adventures and tell us stories in their own words, they will be chosen based on their creativity, storytelling ability and eloquence. Guided by a solid narrative canvas, they will give life to lovable characters who blossom in a fabulous village where nothing is impossible.