On Our Way Home's Partner/Partenaire


52 x 11 minutes
Digital 2D Animation
Kids 4 to 6 years old
In financing

Created by Svetlana Dorosheva and Olga Cherepanova

Inspired by the best-selling book ‘Mom Hurries Home’, the new animated series On Our Way Home incorporates many of its original concepts and well-loved characters.

Alex is an inventive five-year old boy who lives in a big modern city with his Mom and Dad. Each day he plays with his kindergarten friends before one or both of his parents arrive to take him home. Since Alex’s best friend Lei is also his next door neighbour, she sometimes joins the family as they head home. And that’s when things get exciting!

Alex turns each trip home into a fun-filled and imaginative game inspired by someone or something along the way. Since he has a special bond with his parents, they encourage and support him by joining in on the fun. Playing the hero of his own adventures, Alex imagines their ordinary city as an extraordinary place, peopled by magical characters and creatures.

With help from Mom and Dad, he finds inventive ways to stop a troll invasion or find lost gnome treasure. In the end, Alex is proud that he made a difference and his parents are equally proud of him.