Owl and Cloud's Partner/Partenaire


52 x 11 minutes
Digital 2D Animation
Kids 6 to 12 years old
In financing

Created by Suren Perera and Thomas Duncan-Watt

Octavius Owl was the most famous detective in the world. That is, until he developed chronic narcolepsy. To make matters worse, he accidentally fell asleep during a royal parade and went plunging right into his beloved Queen and punctured the Royal Left Butt Cheek!

Shortly thereafter, poor Octavius and his loyal and loving assistant, Cloud Grimes, were banished from the court. They had to leave their cushy positions at the Royal Palace behind and were forced to ply their trade in the mean streets of Plumpington.

But you can’t keep a good owl down! And with a new breed of dastardly villains starting to pop up around Plumpington, our heroes now see an opportunity to regain their position at court, reclaim their fame and rid the streets of tomfoolery, lazy loafing and general dastardliness once and for all!