20 x 2 min
2D Digital Animation
Kids 2 to 4 years old

As universal a concept as it might be, the blanky - a blanket - is the centre of a child’s life right from birth. But this blanky is no ordinary blanky...

Blanky laughs, Blanky cries, Blanky is shy or she is scared… Blanky is like any kid, filled with emotions! Each episode opens with a greeting to Blanky from the narrator and the scene is set. Blanky is facing an emotion and is determined to live it through.

BLANKY - Learning About Emotions animated series is based on the book “La doudou et ses émotions” (Blanky and her emotions) from the imagination of Montreal’s prolific author Claudia Larochelle and Brazilian illustrator Maira Chiodi. La Doudou is a best-seller series of colourful books featuring a lovable blanky that explores the world around her.