13 x 22 minutes
Digital 2D animation
Kids 8 to 12 years old
In development

Created by Suren Perera

Ember is the story of a young girl raised by two lovable bears in the uncharted mystical forests of northern Canada.

Her carefree loopy charm and sense of humour complement the histrionics of her squirrel best friend Poppy; while her daring, wild spirit is tempered by her new human friend and confidant Dave — the shy, nerdy and cautious son of a lumberjack.

Guided by the goofy, yet surprisingly wise advice of her ‘older brother’ bears who raised her, Ember and her friends —both human and animal — venture into the depths of the forests that surround them, learning important life lessons as they help each other face and overcome challenges together. The journey is one of self-discovery and building lifelong friendships that transcend their differences.