Escape From Pirate Asylum's Partner


52 x 11 minutes
Digital 2D Animation
Kids 6 to 12 years old
In financing

Created by Suren Perera and Thomas Duncan-Watt

One boy, one orangutan, no way out!

Young lord (and wannabe pirate) Junicus and his haughty tutor (and orangutan) Lord Claude are wrongfully captured and imprisoned on the world’s most impenetrable and mysterious island prison, Pirate Asylum! They soon realise though, it’s no ordinary clink, but rather a cursed ex-Wizard’s mansion. They will have to solve its mysteries if they ever hope to escape alive! Impossible mysteries, terrifying foes and cryptic secrets all await our heroes on this ill-fated island.

Combining the excitement and adventure of a classic fantasy RPG with the fun and absurdity of an animated series, Escape from Pirate Asylum is the ultimate blend of action, comedy, mystery and most importantly, pirates!