26 x 11 min
2D / 3D computer graphics
Kids 4 to 6 year olds

Eight year-old, go-getter Krystal Nelson is moving. She is usually the first person up for an adventure but moving to a new place every year can be hard. Her adventure-loving father has dragged her in the small seaside town of Cuttle Cape. There, she meets cautious eight-year-old Bernice Cuttle who has lived in town all her life. One day the two girls are exploring the shore when they discover a real-life legend! Down the coast from the lighthouse lives the mysterious Grey Goober of town folklore. The girls name him Werbly. He looks like a goofy harbor seal... but he is the size of a bus and has been alive for hundreds of years. But he isn’t the only legend in town. Buried in the back of the cave is Old Captain Cuttle’s journal filled with clues to finding his legendary lost treasure! So begins the treasure hunt of a lifetime!