39 X 11 minutes
CGI Animation
Kids 4 to 6 years old

Based on KUTOKA Interactive's edutainment games

Mia is a very grown up six year old mouse! Curious, adventurous and even a little impetuous at times - she wants to see, do and experience everything! She lives with her grandmother Mimi, her many friends and neighbours in a big old Victorian house. It’s a wonderfully exciting place to be for a six year old mouse – especially one so eager to discover the big wide world – and how she fits into it!

Digital Media

This game has two difficulty levels. Kids follow Mia on her adventure as she helps Johnny, Mr Maurice's assistant at the General Store, who sprained his ankle. Along the way, there are challenges to overcome in the form of activities that develop observation skills, problem solving, listening and fine motor skills.
Only available in French. Requires Flash Plugin.

Was also available for mobile tablets.