Rad City

52 X 11 minutes
Stop-motion & 2d animation
Kids 6 to 9 years old

Odessa, a proud and enthusiastic recent graduate of the Superhero Academy, moves to the futuristic little town of Rad City to take on her first-ever super heroine job. Odessa has the unenviable task of replacing Galaxia, the former commander of the superheroes. Odessa sets up in the town hall, where she meets her two new colleagues: the charismatic but lazy and loud-mouthed Captain McHandsome, and Crusher, a super henchman whose rough, brutish exterior, betrays a significant emotional intelligence.

Rad City throws us into the tumultuous daily lives of three superheroes trying to hold everything together in Rad City, a little town on the edge where the super villains’ dastardly schemes, the townspeople’s reckless actions, the mayor’s numerous strict regulations and the superheroes’ super blunders threaten to plunge the place into chaos at any moment.